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Changing Lives Forever

Changing Lives Forever

Changing Lives ForeverChanging Lives ForeverChanging Lives Forever

The Abeka Curriculum

White Plains Christian School uses the Abeka Curriculum for all of its grade levels. Abeka is founded on the KJV 1611 Bible and has proven its excellence in educating students over the years. The Abeka Curriculum has also given our graduates an advanced knowledge in all subject. For more information on the Abeka Curriculum visit their website at 


 WPCS considers Bible as the most important course for all students. The Bible curriculum aims to educate students on the knowledge of the Bible, as well as, build good, Christian character.  


English Arts

The English Arts curriculum provides a structured approach to help students develop their skills in grammar usage, creative writing, research reports, vocabulary, and literature.



The Mathematics Curriculum teaches foundational concepts such as numbers, fractions, and percentages. High School mathematics courses provide students with skills in Algebra, Geometry, and Precalculus. WPCS also offers high school students courses in Business and Consumer Mathematics.


History & Science

The history curriculum studies World and American history while also providing skills in geography. The science curriculum provides students with a study of biology, geology, astronomy, chemistry, and physics. WPCS also includes basic concepts of health within its science curriculum.

High School Courses

WPCS includes a variety of other courses in the high school grades. These courses include...

  • Spanish I & II
  • Computers
  • Art
  • Drama
  • Economics
  • Yearbook 
  • Life Management 

Physical Education & Recess

WPCS includes Physical Education (Recess K5-6th) in Grades K5-9th.